Teaser vs. Synopsis *Update

Trinity War - Spoiled

Promo Vs. Spoiler

Marvel-Now-teaserI have to start this off by saying I’m one of the most positive people when it comes to comics. I’m probably one of the least harsh critics of DC and Marvel. That said, the past few big crossovers for Marvel have been very anti-climactic. The reason for this is that they abandon promotion of the upcoming or current crossover in favor of the “next big thing” that follow almost immediately.

Once the first few months worth of comics have been ordered, they just start plugging away at the marketing for the next thing. That marketing push often gives away the story they are in the middle of telling. Marvel Now details gave away plot points from AvX and Angela’s appearance at the end of Age of Ultron was given away months before Age of Ultron ended (this might be because someone leaked it but Marvel jumped all over it).

angelaSara+Pichelligog6That all said, the Geoff Johns narrated Trinity War video teaser is the WORST spoiler I’ve seen yet! The timing couldn’t be more suspect either. All the orders for Trinity War are in and the Forever Evil and Villains month orders can still be made.

This “teaser” is essentially the synopsis for the entire Trinity War story and lets you know that someone is going to die and what the eventual ending will be. Reading this story will feel like just going through the motions. Here’s the video. Tell me what you think.


* UPDATE - I’ve since read the first part of this story (Justice League #22). I have to say, it was a really enjoyable issue. It felt big and large in scale. The Shazam/Superman fight reminded me of classic super hero meeting then getting into a misunderstanding and then fighting stories that silver age Marvel stories told so well. That fight also reminded me of the Shazam (then Captain Marvel) fight with Superman in Justice League Unlimited.

Any way…the ending would have had a MUCH bigger impact if I didn’t already know going into the story that villains are behind everything. I also find my expectations lessened by knowing that the villains ultimately win this. One issue in and I am still behind my original thought…DC and Geoff Johns hurt the experience of this crossover with the teaser video.


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