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Santa is coming to visit all the good boys and girls once again. Geeks typically have a Christmas list longer than anyone. This season, especially, has more items than ever for fanboys and girls. Why is that? One of the main reasons is that there are so many HUGE movies out this year. That all said, I’ve chosen Ultimate Collection versions of a Movie Series, TV Show, Comic Book, and Gaming Console as four BIG presents that I think would make any Grinch embrace the season (as long as he/she is a geek).

Dark Knight Trilogydvd release christopher nolan

My personal favorite movie of the year and one of my new favorite super hero movies of all-time, The Dark Knight Rises is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD. I’m mostly focused on the ultimate versions of releases for Christmas. This means you’re not going to see the word “DVD” again. This movie is a movie to own…plain and simple. The re-watchability of this film is very evident. There are a few different versions of the trilogy available. The 3-disc and 5-disc versions are available now with The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition coming some time in 2013. I have the 5 disc Blu-ray and it’s great. The little art book is cool but nothing special. The extra features are all pretty good except the Batmobile doc which is exceptional! The hour long doc on the history of the Batmobiles is worth it’s own release it’s so thorough. If you want to REALLY get the ultimate experience, check out the Bat Cowl edition. It’s basically the same thing with a crazy head sculpture of the mask. It makes for an impressive gift.

AvX Hardcover

x-men cyclops marvel collectionI’m not going to talk too much about the story because we have at length before. To hear my feelings on the whole story, check out Episode #27 of the Short Box Podcast or if you want to hear what we thought of the first 6 issues, check out Episode #6. Suffice to say, I enjoyed this series as far as mega crossovers go. It had it’s ups and downs but, like Civil War, this one had me choosing sides and held my interests with some great twists. I’m going out on a limb and saying this is probably one of the biggest collected editions on people’s Christmas List this year. It is currently the only way this series has been collected (that won’t last long but no one likes to wait). Another reason people are going to want it is for it’s completeness.

Now sure, this book doesn’t contain EVERY AvX story. How could it? The book crossed over with over 60 books. What it does contain is the entire 13 issue run of the main miniseries, all 6 issues of the forgettable and redundant companion Versus series, the Point One story with Nova (It’s Coming), and (for the first time ever in print) the Infinite Comics. The Infinite Comics REALLY suffer from the format change. Marvel knows this too because they make mention of it. What is pretty cool is that they include the digital code for these digitally optimized Infinite stories with the hardcover. In addition to that digital experience, all the Marvel AR codes are right where they were on the original books.

The biggest misses are with the binding, the expense, and lack of full page versions of the variant covers. This 568 book is bound by glue and not sewn. With as many double page spread as this story had, a lot is missed in translation. With a $75 price tag, this book should get the Omnibus treatment. That said,  you can get this book for $47 on Amazon new and $37 used. If you are looking for as definitive as you’ll probably ever see edition of this story, this is it for you. If you are just looking for the core, wait for the trade.

 Wii U

mario zeldaA controversial pick, I know. Full disclosure: I bought one. I’m a big Nintendo fan and not what you would call a “hardcore gamer”. Many of my friends are either the World of Warcraft or Call of Duty types. I’m neither. That’s not to say I don’t like those style games…I do! I just don’t have the time or the skills I use to when I was a bigger gamer. What I am looking for in a console is entertaining escapism without the mega commitment. The Wii offered me that for the past few years. The last year was probably my slowest gaming year of my entire life. I bought just one console game while mostly gaming on my iPhone and iTouch. That game was Zelda Skyward Sword (which I never beat). It felt like time to look at a new console just when the Wii U came out. I am not someone whose thinks graphics is the end all be all either. That’s why the Wii U’s backwards compatibility was a big part of my decision to be the system.

After using the new controller at a Best Buy demo, I found it much more ergonomic that I had ever thought it could be. I didn’t JUST buy the system for the new Mario but it sure helped. The first game I bought was Nintendo Land which really trains you on this system. You can see the potential of what it has to offer through fun mini games. You can also start using the Wiiverse which is kind of like integrating a social network and message board into every part of the onscreen interface and games. The apps run much better through the Wii U than the Wii including Netflix, Hulu, and the others that are sure to come. Like the Wii, this is set up for casual gaming, playing with friends, parties, and for lovers of retro gaming.

Doctor Who Ultimate DVD Box Set

david tennent box set

Do you have friends who have asked you: “Where should I start to get into this whole Doctor Who thing?”? Well, this is where you start…with all of the modern Doctor Who in once place! This 41 disc mega set contains Seasons 1-6, The Complete Specials (from David Tennant’s run), bonus art, the recent 3 mini-documentaries (for the first time on DVD, and the 11th’s Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. If you want to know why people LOVE Doctor Who, check out our New To Who Podcast episode.

If you don’t already own these episodes, this is a cost effective way to have these VERY re-watchable episodes together. I catch re-runs here and there on BBC America but I often go back to my DVDs and watch episodes so I can say that, without a doubt, I get a lot of value from mine.

This has been an incredible year for Doctor Who fans. The globalization of fans is on an unprecedented rise and this is all leading up to the 50th anniversary celebration of 2013. Watch them all in order at your leisure with this HUGE set.



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