Webcomic review: ‘Ex Monday’

This gritty webcomic tells the tale of Ex Monday, a mechanic living in a wonky sci-fi future. This comic is written by Ken Bastard. The art work is reminiscent of a space opera and Moebius’ (Jean Giraud) comic titled, “Incal.” There are talking animals, flying cars and gorillas with top hats. This barely scratches the surface of the setting of the comic.

Bastard found his inspiration for this comic through a dream and during his work in construction. While he doesn’t quite remember the dream, he does remember meeting a lot of interesting people while working in construction. “The people you meet on some of these jobs would keep me in tales for a long time,” Bastard said.

Bastard’s has found a lot of influence for his art through Jack Kirby and Jack Davis. “Throw in a lot of Bernie Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, Barry Smith and Jeff Jones. I’m of the generation that was a teenager when those studio guys were taking comics to a different place back in the ‘70s,” Bastard said.

Without giving away too many spoilers, here is a brief synopsis of the plot. Ex Monday is contracted to fix a rather interesting machine. After finding some help off the street he is off to do the job.

The two get into some mischief and have to make their way through town without getting caught by some devious character that has it out for Ex Monday.

The art is in this comic is great. It is exaggerated when it needs to be, but not extreme as to make it difficult to view. Bastard is a traditional artist but decided to go a different direction when it came to creating this web comic.

Ken Bastard's "Ex Monday"

Ken Bastard’s “Ex Monday”

Often times Bastard had no real plan and would draw whenever he had an idea for the comic. “With Ex, I based it more on Moebius’ “Airtight Garage.” In the strip, Moebius would do two or three pages with no plan. Then when the next installment came he had to pick up where he left off and make the new pages fit what went before,” Bastard said. This went on week after week until Bastard came to the end of the series. “That was the beauty of the strip. I could do whatever I wanted and that was what was released,” Bastard added.

The story is told well and the pacing is spot on. This is a comic that is difficult to put down once it is started. It is a self-contained story and sadly contains only 24 entries. The only negative about this comic is there is not enough. Ex Monday gets its hooks in you and leaves you wanting so much more.

Ken Bastard is the author and illustrator of “Ex Monday,” a great webcomic that can found on here. Bastard has been around the comic book scene for a number of years so it seemed only natural he would gravitate to publishing a webcomic. “Web comics can be many things. They can be ongoing or finite, funny or serious. Do a comic you would read,” Bastard said.

The freedom of creating a webcomic can be a doubled-edge sword. While there are no limits to creation, the creator must have the dedication to see the completion of the comic. “If you say at the beginning you are going to do a page a week- do a page a week. Try not to skip,” Bastard said.

Finally, it is all about the promotion and where to place the webcomics once it has been completed. Bastard uses all the popular sites, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Deviant Art. Bastard also has his own site, kenbastard.com, he also has some other great comics to read. He also would post to Warren Ellis’ and Mark Millar’s art forums. These are not a bad way to garner more exposure.


Ex Monday by Ken Bastard

Ex Monday by Ken Bastard

Bastard will be attending Boston Comicon so make sure to stop by his booth in artist alley.


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