Weekend Warrior 2: Wizard World Ohio Comic Con 2012

Mid-Ohio Con Becomes Wizard World Ohio in 2012

The 2012 convention season is in full swing!  The Ohio Comic Con, formerly the Mid-Ohio Con, is hosted by Wizard in the great city of Columbus!

Wizard Conventions are more of a pop culture celebration than a traditional comic con.  Their diverse guest lists tend to attract wrestling fans, sci-fi fans, and TV fans right along with those of us whose main reason for attending the show is to hobnob with the best creators in comics.

Tommy Castillo hosted the Drink ‘N Draw on Friday night.  This was a truly personal experience where amateurs and pros alike gathered to share some fun times over beer and Bristol board.  We exercised our creative muscles under the care and guidance of Tommy with his fellow judges, Primo Cardinelli and Stuart Sayger.  My table was challenged to draw “Batman vs. Stewie on a Farm in Late Fall/Almost Winter” while others had their own unique set of characters and circumstances to bring to life.  While this reporter didn’t place in the amateur category, I appreciated the friendly and personal environment that Tommy and Wizard created, clearly out of a love for artwork and the desire to present opportunities for unsung talent.  Mark my words; someone is going to hit it big after they win this event!  Jay Fife took first place in the pro category, winning a free table at an upcoming Wizard show.

Wizard has been criticized for changing the “Mom and Pop” atmosphere of the Mid-Ohio Con to its more commercially-driven present incarnation.  I present the Drink ‘N Draw as proof that a family vibe still exists at the show.  Bravo Tommy!  Bravo Wizard!

Neal Adams, mayor of New York (practically), is hard at work on First X-Men for Marvel, but took time out of his schedule to meet his fans, and hold a Q&A panel where he discussed his favorite character to draw, working with Stan Lee, breaking into the business, and fighting for creator’s rights to have original artwork returned to them.

Alan Davis flew in from the UK!  Mr. Davis is presently gearing up for a top secret Marvel project that he couldn’t release details on.  However, his modern work typically appears on special projects outside of main titles where Mr. Davis can place the utmost care into his pencils to deliver the highest quality possible, far ahead of looming deadlines (i.e. Justice League: The Nail and Avengers: Prime).  Note that Mr. Davis inspires such loyalty from his fans that a few good natured art lovers eagerly stepped up to the plate to assist in managing Mr. Davis’ endless sketch and autograph line.  Another thankful collector presented Alan’s wife, Mrs. Davis, with flowers to thank her for visiting our country with her husband.

Mike McKone attended!  McKone recently moved to San Diego.  After years of being a Wizard mainstay at east coast shows, this is a rare appearance for him on the right-hand side of the country.  Fans welcomed McKone with open arms, who said he was pleasantly surprised at how cosmopolitan the city of Columbus is.  Mike’s favorite characters are The Hulk and The Thing in that order.

Mexican superstar Humberto Ramos made it to the show!  Ramos remains one of the premiere Spidey artists and his work can be found there most months.

Jorge Molina came up from Mexico! Jorge was excited about the Cable cover he just finished, which will serve as the character’s first post X-Sanction appearance.  Cable will be sporting a new look without his machine parts for a short time while his character transitions between X-Sanction and the upcoming Cable and X-Force.

Tyler Kirkham is moving from Green Lantern: New Guardians to Teen Titans!  Issue 0, featuring Tyler’s artwork was just released.

Image Comics writer Dirk Manning arrived promoting the upcoming collection of his online column Write or Wrong and his current webcomic Tales of Mr. Rhee.

Local talent Sean Forney sketched for fans at the Hero Initiative booth!

Jordan Gunderson attended the show promoting his brand new “Ink and Blood” art collection.

Chad Cicconi of Action Lab is gearing up for a huge announcement on a new project.  Watch the news sites, fans!

Watercolor artist Carla Wyzgala stays hard at work on webcomic Surreality, but she’s never too busy to meet her fans!

Sketch card artist Erik Hodson has been in the comics industry for over 7 years as an independent publisher and creator.  Check out his light hearted webcomic Chad the Fat Kid.

I asked CM Punk of the WWE a question during his Q&A panel regarding his love for Ed Brubaker comics.  Are you curious for more details?  Check out the fitness guru’s answer at the 17:45 minute mark here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYeYIYidC7w&fb_source=message

My final thoughts on the Ohio Comic Con?  Let’s review what makes a convention great.  Fans interacting with creators?  Check.  Creators interacting with each other?  Double check.  Celebration atmosphere?  Wizard crafted a pop culture festival complete with tattoo artists!  This show was awesome.


Up next are panel wrap-ups from Q&As with Patrick Stewart and John de Lancie as well as Val Kilmer.

Special Thanks to Brian “Jimmy Olsen” Jones.


25 Responses.

  1. Jason H says:

    Well said, Joe. I think sometimes Wizard gets a bad rap for their conventions. They have brought different guests both media and comics to Columbus. The crowds have responded and have been a lot of fun. Good to see others are noticing it as well. Keep up the good and tough work of going to conventions!

  2. Anthony F says:

    First a little negative… the show floor on Friday was a dud! Half the guests weren’t there, and the hall was DEAD! NO WAY would it be worth $40 for four hours of that, for shame!

    On the positive side, the Friday DnD was a blast! Someone provided food and beverages to all participants, which meant we didn’t have to explore Columbus for food after the show. Whoever organized it, and footed the bill, Thanks!

  3. Anthony F says:

    Also, I still don’t understand what are the hallmarks of a WIZARD show… sure they have media guests, that’s cool. But they had very limited programming, and no moderators for their panels! I’m used to Baltimore or Heroes, where the convention organizes the panels, and has very knowledgeable people leading them. None of this… “they told me to show up, what am I supposed to talk about?…” To me, Wizard shows should be more creator centric. Heroes would have 2 or 3 panels going simultaneously, meaning I would have to miss Frank Cho speaking, if I wanted to hear Geoff Darrow… But Mid Ohio didn’t even have one panel on Friday.

  4. Joe F says:

    You bring up one important point Anthony. Midwest shows have a bad habit of setting up programming without organizing a moderator or informing the guest. Take note, illustrator Dave Aikins did a standout job moderating in Cincinnati this year and he expressed interest in building a reputation for doing so throughout the region. Next time, let’s get Aikins on the job for moderating those wayward panels.

  5. Anthony F says:

    Joe – That sounds good to me, if Dave is willing to offer his time and do his homework, by all means!

  6. Anisha says:

    You really saved my skin with this inianmotfor. Thanks!

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