Weekend Warrior 4: Val Kilmer

Here are a few highlights from Val Kilmer’s Q&A Panel at the 2012 Wizard World Ohio Comic Con:

Val Kilmer took the stage about 20 minutes late and apologized.  Nonetheless he was funny and candid.  The panel was driven by questions from the audience and opened with one person asking where he was, in reference to his lateness.  Val said, “You mean over the last 10 years or just now?”

On Top Gun:  he was asked if it was true that he had not wanted to do the movie.  He said yes, but was under contract and the studio made him do it. He then gave the crowd a knowing glance that he was glad they forced him into doing so.

On working with Marlon Brando during filming of The Island of Dr Moreau:  he joked that he was still smoking at the time.  This annoyed Brando so much so that he complained outwardly. Val told him, “I just watched you eat a whole turkey and you’re worried about me smoking!”  Val looked at the crowd and said, “I mean, he ate a WHOLE TURKEY!”

On playing Doc Holiday in Tombstone (clearly a crowd favorite):  Val said he based Doc’s style of talking after a wealthy southern gentleman he had met.  He told the crowd that he also owned horses, so it was great time filming as he got to combine two passions.  Mr. Kilmer also expressed interest in revisiting Doc and exploring his earlier years in another film.

On Batman Forever:  he said the sets were amazing.  They had built Gotham on a massive sound stage.  The suit was hot and weighed about 160 pounds.  He joked that wearing it was like preparation for old age, as it was hard to move and he needed assistance with everything once wearing it.  One crowd member asked him who his favorite Batman actor was beside himself. Val leaned in to the microphone, raised an eyebrow, and said, “You mean there were others?”  This got a loud laugh from the audience and Val followed it up with, “I hadn’t noticed any others.”  He then said that if he had to pick one it would be Christian Bale, as it was hard to argue with that kind of box office.

Ending the panel Val talked about his current project, a one man play titled Citizen Twain.  Which Val wrote, directs and stars in as Mark Twain.  It has been an ongoing passion of his for years and he is happy to finally bring it to the stage.

Special thanks to Brian Jones and Matt Moore.


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  1. Rob M says:

    Thanks for the peek into this Q&A, Joe… I was laughing while I was reading it. I would have enjoyed having the opportunity to see Val in person like this. Keep em coming…

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