Weekly Fix #1: With Great Power…

Hello folks! Frank here, I’ve always wanted to a weekly article thingy, just something where I lightly talk about things I’m doing every week, things I’ve seen coming on the horizon, horribly old comics I’m reading (from 2006?). You know something loose that I can do every week. So this will be the first in this new lineage of articles here on Short Box.


So there’s SOOO much to talk about heroclix wise, the newest set “Amazing Spider-Man” launched 2 weeks ago and it’s really neat, a great blend of Spider-Manz and other great unclixed Marvel properties (Draculaz, Living Mummy!). I would like to talk more in-depth about it in a full article, but suffice to say I’m really happy the Spider-Man set was fun and full of unique and wantable figures..unlike the two sets before it.

So speaking of Heroclix every week we have a free-to-play tournament at our local clix store Above and Beyond comics in Erie, PA. It’s a great time and if you’re going to be in town on a Tuesday evening and you want to get your clix on then come on in. So that shameless plug out of the way, each week has a set theme that you must construct your team from this week’s theme is “1000 points, No Resources, No Use of Hypersonic, and All your figures must share a common keyword.” This is going to be a fun one I think.

I’m going to be rolling out some very old but surprisingly devastating figures, you may them better as:


These old guys have a few tricks up their sleeves: Hugely long dials, HUGE DAMAGE NUMGERS, and Super Strength and a few Close Combat powers thrown on. They’re real downside is their very HIGH point cost, and their very short movement values.  Here’s my build:
Wrecker (240)
Absorbing Man (184)
Piledriver (140)
Bulldozer (113)
Wrecker (141)

If there’s one thing this list is it’s:  BEEFY! lol. I had extra points left over so I decided I was gonna add an additional Wrecker but the 2nd one is the older one.


Now,  I read new comics now!But, to be fair I read a LOT more comics in the late 90′s early 00′s. So many times I’m reading those comics AGAIN lol. Like this week for example when I’m reading the oldest Thunderbolts incarnation.

This comic took a little to get going, since they have to go about 8 issues before they really get going but the art is ok for a 90s comic, and there’s plenty of action.  Good Times!



A friend of mine tipped me off to this one, he said that it was great, I hesitantly watched the first episode which blew my face off. It’s aimed at children but the comedy and VERY deep Marvel in jokes fly a mile a minute and you really need to have your spidey-sense going full blast to catch everything. It’s got 1 whole 26 episode season out on Netflix, and another is just wrapping up on the Disney Channel! I would strongly recommend this one to you and even your kids.


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