Weekly Fix #10: Judgement Day

The sentence is comics!

Another Weekly Fix, your move creeps!




Wait that’s not from Judge Dredd? Well ok! Fine, creeps! But, I’ve got my eye on you, and I’ve also got a bunch things to talk about this week so let’s get to it!


As the newest figures from Fear Itself pour out, I’ve actually finally got my hands on one of the Holy Grail pieces for myself, the pièce de résistance or tank de résistance if you will!

CUTJPNow for those not familiar with this most oft’ misunderstood haunted military vehicle, The Haunted Tank is a DC comic that began in the 1960′s featuring the crew of a M3 Stuart light tank in WWII being guided by the Ghost of Civil War General J.E.B. Stuart! Yeah I know right? From there the tank fought a host of strange villains including Nazi monkeys! It’s a pretty awesome read, now as for theHeroclix…


…it’s pretty CRAZY! It’s not as broken as The GCPD Police Car or The Heinous Bat-mobile, or any of those new Team Bases. However, the Tank really does come to life with a series of really effective traits and Special Powers The Autopilot side is driven by the General himself and therefore doesn’t suffer damage from moving without a pilot which is nice! On that side it does suffer a bit in the Attack and Damage department in comparison to the Piloted version, and it also loses out on the very cool pilot abilities from that side too. The Auto-Piloted version actually suffers highly in comparison to the Piloted version which is really really really REALLY GOOD! The Piloted side’s only downside is that there’s so few Heroclix who posses the Soldier AND Warrior keywords, which means 2 things:

1- You’re going to be putting Warlord in the driver seat or a Star Trek ship, or Paying for Ares who’s worth more than the tank itself.

2- You’re going to have a hard time trying to make a theme team, especially since the HT itself only has the Soldier Keyword, not even past or Mystic.

Just for fun here’s a fun WWII Cross-Over team you can try your self!

Cap and Bucky 138pts

Haunted Tank (Piloted) 136pts

Easy Co. Soldiers x2 30pts each

Mr. Terrific 59pts

Wonder Woman 100pts.


This is a pretty fun team, really great pieces and they’re all from the Golden-Nazi-Bashing-Age of comics. Cap and Bucky are pretty good for being the first duo, and if you’re scared of them getting slapped up you can always split them into solo figs. One of the Easy Co. Soldiers gets to play in the Haunted tank, and Mr. Terrific can give you some protection and additional Outwitting powers. If you’d like to trade Terrific for Sandman you could keep the whole “theme” together and you have enough points left to add on the All-Star Squadron ATA onto Wonder Woman and Mr. T. All in all a fun team!



This week I’ve been hustling though Fear Itself, and so I’m going to forgo talking about it until next week when all of the Heroclix are out on the Webs.  This week I want to talk about one of my favorite comic book characters:
Judge Dredd!



Judge Dredd is one of those comic book characters who’s gone through so many changes over the years, each one evolving the character more and more, giving the opportunity for new stories and tales to be told about him and his universe. Another unique quality of Judge Dredd is that each issue is episodic, usually lasting a few pages and comprising a full all be it brief story. There are longer story-arcs many of which are the must reads of the Dredd-o-verse! Since there’s literally 1000s of Judge Dredd stories I’ll just touch on a few now and again.

images (1)


One of the short stories I enjoyed was ‘Gut Shot’ Judge Dredd is shot and stuck in an elevator with a Rookie Judge on his first run into the Mega City, dark comedy ensues. I would also highly recommend Judge Dredd and Judge Dredd: Year One out now by IDW in monthly print, Swierczynski really has a good idea what a Judge Dredd story is. Next week it’s Star Trek, Bioshock and more Dredd!


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