Weekly Fix #11: The Day the Outlaws Died.

Something's stinky in Outlaw Land!

Something is stinky in Outlaw land!




Comics:  Red Hood and The Outlaws

Now for me this comic is INFAMOUSLY BAD, the first issue was so bad that I couldn’t even finish it!

It’s like the Star Wars franchise for everything good there is something twice as vile.

The first issue was so bad that the backlash should have scheduled this little P.O.S. should have been incinerated from the shelves.
However the beatings and course language from public and (hopefully) publisher backlash didn’t fall on deaf ears since the comic is still going. And is…improved?

Well a slap in the face IS preferable to a gunshot to the stomach they always say…

Now, I have tried and tried and TRIED! To slug my way through this comic. I actually love the line-up, Starfire is (was) one of my favorite DC characters and Red Hood was a pretty awesome villain in his day pushing his view of vengeance all the way up to Batman, and Arsenal used to be great before his daughter got exploded for no reason. And now…


…I’m just going to skip over the first issue entirely since I just ignore it to get through the rest.

There’s nothing good in the first issue, and then by halfway through the third it actually pulls on my heartstrings like a real comic!?!?!


At this point I have never been so torn about something in my whole life. It seemed like after the 4th issue they’ve gotten away from referencing the first 2 but then later they keep doing, it. It’s also isn’t even until the 3rd or later issues where they even establish what little characters these people will be.

Red Hood:

He’s the um, asshole? No, um a Jerk? Bastard? No, he’s all those things, but he’s the core of the team, everyone is just vaguely following him mostly for no reasons.


Is the annoying relief of the book, saying everything and anything all the time. He’s very annoying and you know how a book always needs some really good annoying characters to break up the thrilling drama of other people telling the annoying person to shut up. He’s had a few bits that where somehow NOT annoying but that’s not what we pay you for! Make us annoyed!

She doesn’t have very many lines, and it’s explained briefly that she has…Amnesia…plot no remember…no that’s not the continuity now…but it is? -itis? But new Starfire does remember her mistreatment in slavery and how she is a total byatch now as a somewhat understandable albeit still annoying result. All her silly stilted Space Princess dialogue is actually kinda funny if you forget how miss-characterized she is.


I keep thinking the art is pretty cool, the pages have some interesting (in a good way) layouts, all the white backgrounds are weird at times since it sometimes  it seems the panels and characters are stuck in Escher Space. The are also has incredible detail and line work but the colorist can’t shade anything to look like anything, every person’s skin and body seems be made of strange definitions balloons usually, while the clothes and gear have all there edges and shadows defined by the ‘inker’s’ lines Which looks a lot better.




Now unlike the Outlaws comic book the Heroclix Outlaws are a mixed bag… …of AWESOME! The Cross-over bonanza has so much! Leadership, Stealth, Outwit, Lot’s of Outwit, solid or great dials, and TONS of amazing Wild-Card abuse.  Then you toss on a few good AtAs to choose from and you’ve got it made!

First off I’d start off with the TT Set Red Hood, I put a custom Silver Sable on his dial to lead the team. She starts with a great mix of high stats, outwit and special Leadership, her Bat Ally and Outsiders TAs are great! But be warned, keep this one far from harm’s way as you’ll be needing that Batman Ally to copy with the rest of your Spider Friends and Calculators. From the back she can still contribute with Outwit and Energy Explosion.

Speaking of spider friends next up on the include list is Sandman, oh Syndicate TA to copy? And Wildcard? Oh yeah, I’ll take him! This guy is slow as… …sand but he’s good for stopping enemy bricks while you’re ranged attackers shoot them, but he’s also got that attack sharing TA to spread around to your other Outlaws. Sandman is pretty hard to kill but if he does go down you’ll still be ok with printed attack values for DC Outlaws, but it does really help to be giving Prowler and Spidey shared attack from Red Hood.


Finally No Outlaws team would be complete with out A Sensational/Amazing/Incredible/Sizzling Spider-Man! Now at my regular venue of play we have a house rule that keywords are allowed to be added to figures if you can prove they were on that team. So almost  any Spidey can hang out with the Outlaws and get the keyword too, Now I do love WoS 001 Spidey! He’s cheap, great stats that don’t quit, 4+ spider sense, and Wild Card TA can copy stealth and turn this wall-crawler into a very determined secondary attacker, swooping in to smash objects on crooks heads then webbing more mobile opponents to the floor.

The only Spidey I would otherwise recommend with the house rule for the Keyword, is the excellent Mighty Morphin’ Spider-man! Starting on the amazing new ASM 024 125 pts Spider-Man you can do whatever a spider can for a time, light up some guys then morph for the kill/prob/outwit/heal basically if you have collected all the Morphing Spidey Commons and maybe a Chase he’s a great buy for the points! Just be careful not to get trapped because some don’t have the same Leap/Super Senses trait and others don’t have the Spidey TA, so just be careful and read all the cards before you press morph and change right into a sitting duck… …Spider-Duck.



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