Weekly Fix #13: Comeback City

Don't Call It a Comeback! The Fix is Back!

Now it has been a good break but the Weekly Fix is finally back from summer vacation.


I have been quite busy in the last few weeks, I’ve seen a ton of great new movies, finished a extra-dimensional journey, and stood against the armies of the Serpent! This week I’ll be expanding the fix a bit, I wanted to expand into some kind of Podcast for movie reviews but that is for another time. So let’s get this started!”

Just for your own warning SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS!


What I’m watching: Pacific Rim


This movie was FAN-TASTIC! I don’t want to say too much, but to make a long story short, Giant Monsters have the audacity to try to take over the earth and the only mamma-jams tough enough to stop their roll is the newly launched “Jaeger” Program a series of monster busting robots built to thwart the monstrous efforts of the evil Kaiju. The movie’s cast does a great job of selling their arch typical roles at first but almost all the characters are given enough screen time to have their own emotional progress. It really makes the film so much grander to have a cast of characters you care about. Also strangely this brings me to my first ‘gripe’ about the critics who seem to want to lump this in as a “Transformers Movie” and not the good kind. To be completely honest there were robots so….

images (6)These are my favorite “Transformers”


…yep they must be the same, which means movies like Bladerunner and Metropolis are just Transformers knock-offs right?
Every Transformers (from Michael “Make it All Porn” Bay) does it’s level best at every opportunity to make the characters and action horrible, unlikable , confusing and annoying. Pacific Rim might have a paper thin plot but it’s got a cast of characters who are actually developed across the course of the film’s 2 hours 25 min running time. And all the action is left spectacularly SLOOOOW! The robots don’t run, jump, and fight at super human speeds that you can’t even decipher when the film goes into pointless slow-motion every few moments every action sequence is a confusing stupid mess of characters you don’t care about. Instead Pacific Rim’s robot fights are both mostly full shots encompassing both giant contenders but also all the fighting is left at a slow methodical pace that really belays the giant size and gate of the combatants. The Kaiju and Jaegers are also completely distinguishable from each other so neither side is ever confusable. The mechanics of the robots are also displayed in full detail as hatches and servos strain to bring weapons out from hidden hatches or to change a hand into a plasma cannon. Pacific Rim also greatly benefited from Del Toro’s “Make it Real” mentality as all the stellar set pieces and costumes really bring the movie to life, the Jaeger cockpits are really the Pièce de résistance as each one is brought to life in loving detail as mostly physical space a giant series of unique props that put the actors in the robots command center. It’s really awesome. SEE IT NOW!

What I’m Playing: Heroclix Fear Itself



Now it’s taken almost 2 months for us to get our fist Fear Itself event going at our local gaming store, it was definitely worth the wait. The store sympathized with the players by providing us all with free beer, it was a million degrees all night but we blew the lid of the joint.  Me and my Fiance pulled very well, she got Angrir and I got Nekkrod. She was able to pull Cyborg which synergized amazingly with Angrir’s damage special power to make more objects. I just ran around Pulsewaving with Nekkrod, I also had Raizo Kodo on my team who in the 2nd game single-handedly destroyed the opponent’s force! I didn’t do too great, I made one HUGE error that cost me the game, but me and my fiance both had a great time anyway.\

Until Next Week!


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