Weekly Fix #2: Electric Boogaloo

Frank takes another dose of his weekly nerdery!

As weekly fix drives on Frank explores another week of escapist outlets!

Howdy again folks this is another dose of your Weekly Fix, I’ve got plenty to talk about this week so listen up!


This week marks the 2nd week of the 2nd of the Heroclix Online Free-League!

Heroclix Online is an interesting and affordable alternative to playing Heroclix with people in real life. It’s player base is low but seems highly dedicated, the game developers have a lot of room for improvement for the game itself, but the game has a lot of really fun features. Such as rolling Theme or Sealed Tourneys that are running 24-hours a day. However I’m here to talk about the Free League!

The 2nd Free League is an event being run by none other than one of my best friends and previous blog co-writer Norm Steadman (Sermonty on HCO). He’s provided much of the prizes for the league out of his own pocket like in the last league, what makes it even more interesting is that this time around the first prize winner will receive the Entire Batman factory set in real life! If you’re interested take a look here!

I’m going to talk about the team I took last week! Soldier squad!

Green Lantern Gravity Feed: Kilowog 145pts

Cap. America Gravity Feed: Howling Commando 40pts (dial B)

Cap. America: Nick Fury 104pts

That’s 294 pts of Soldiers! This team worked great! Nick Fury is really a bigger problem then you’d think he’d be, and everyone on my team can shoot for 4 with Kilowog’s Enhancement and his Special Power buffs up his teammates attacks! And finally that Howling Commando is just so darn good for his points. My team put down quite a few poozers this week but I still didn’t beat the top person whom went 9-1. Was fun though, we’ll hit ‘em hard again next week.


I’m way behind on my current comics because I’ve been catching up on my topic for this week!


Oh man! I love Venom! Basically in any form he’s one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe!

I loved his original arc in Spidey with Eddie Brock!
I loved his (terrible) solo comics in the 90s when I was a young turk,

I loved his crazy series in the Millennium Age of Comics. (2003)

I loved Mac Gargan Venom in the Thunder Bolts on into Dark Reign and,

I LOVE Flash Thompson Venom! He’s story is so..well terrible, he was a total ass to Peter, and then his Abusive Dad sent him into the Army, were he got his legs and attitude blown-off. After he dives into the bottle he volunteers for “Project: Re-Birth,” here is were the comic picks up the story of Agent Venom. Flash has got a lot of heart and there’s many times were you really start connecting with the big goon. I really like the redesign of the Symbiote suit to be a lot more tactical and utilitarian. It can also be said that Flash uses a lot of guns and the Symbiote often holds a few extra guns for some extra firepower, which always looks sweet! But I also love when it goes berko and get’s huge and looks like big ole’ 90′s Venom complete with his big dripping tongue! This series is out in trades now and definitely something WE would recommend you getting!


Well until next week! Don’t forget to get your fix!


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