Weekly Fix #3: The Hard Way.

Another taste of your weekly fix!

As weekly fix drives on Frank explores another week of escapist outlets!

Howdy again folks this is another dose of your Weekly Fix, I’ve got plenty to talk about this week so listen up!


Jumping right into it today this week’s Heroclix tournament is an interesting blend of theme and cut-throat dynamics.


The Format is:  600 points, figures on your team must qualify for a theme, and then one of your figures can break your theme but that figure will gain the keyword of your team’s theme.

Got all that? It’s a very wordy way to describe a simple special feature of the rules. It DOES however allow for quite the window for some crazy A$$>@%T! I mean the first thoughts that came to mind were (the obnoxious) 200 pts. Batman who can give any people who share a keyword with him the Batman Ally Team Ability, what if he gave stealth to Gladiator, or Thanos. Then there’s Baron Zemo (from Chaos War) who can give Thunderbolts Keywords to anyone who has the Masters of Evil Keyword. So he could give Thunderbolts to Doctor Doom, or Batman or whomever.


My team idea is:
Kilowog (GLGF) 145pts

Domino (GSX) 69pts x 2

Warship Voyager (STT) 125pts

Red Hulk (Hulk) 178pts

Now this is team doesn’t actually rely on Transferring Keywords around it DOES make use of a cross-universe team up that’s sure to make people upset. The basic setup is, Soldiers get +1 attack within 4 of Kilowog, Warship Voyager let’s adjacent friendly characters Critical Hit on any Doubles rolls.  And Domino get’s +3 damage from Critical Hits, put ‘em together and BAM!


Agents of Atlas!

Now I know that I’ve been on a ‘things from 2006ish’ kick but  SERIOUSLY folks, this a limited series you NEED to read, it’s up there with Nextwave with it’s readability! The book tells of the adventures of some un-likely golden age heroes who attempt to undermine the at then present leader of H.A.M.M.E.R. Norman Osborne! It’s part spy thriller, part sci-fi romp ALL heart. I would seriously suggest reading it!


Till next time, I hope you got your FIX!


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