Weekly Fix #4: Four…SOMETHING, something…something.

Frank takes another does of his Weekly Fix!

Welcome to another installment of the Weekly fix, you source for all the gaming, comics, and hi-jinks I pursue each week.

This week it’s a doosey so let’s jump right into it!



This week saw the end of the Heroclix online League, I had less than perfect results, going up against a slew of headache and mouse-smash-inducing teams but luckily I fared much better yesterday in our weekly Heroclix Tournament.


Don’t Get MAD! Get Gladiator! (Yeah I said it.)



This week’s format was 800pts No Resources. A simple format that left a lot of possibilities open.  I had NOTHING come to mind, so I threw together a variation of my online soldier theme team with AMAZING results. Here you go:

CW034 Ares 199
GX017 Domino 69
TREK100 Warship Voyager 125
GLGF003 Kilowog 145
GG040 Gladiator 195
CA019 Yelena Belova 60
Hey! I know you’re all surprised to see Kilowog AGAIN!  But you can’t keep a good WOG down! And here he’s the heart of the team, being a super fast taxi/mobile fire base, that gives everyone near him +1 Attack, Combine that with Ares Presence of the God of War trait gives an additional +1 attack for adjacent friendlies, meaning Gladiator is swinging at 14 attack with correct positioning. Obviously the key is keeping Domino in the right place for Probability coverage which is easy with WS-Voyager pulling her around.
The Warship Voyager was amazing even if it didn’t ever hit a free critical hit with it’s Trait, shooting of Psychic Blasts and pushing to Outwit was good, and it’s Invincibility made it one of many hard targets on my team so it remained almost unscathed every game.
It also let me PAINSTAKINGLY explain it’s back-story to thrilled (angry-bored) opponents.


This week I was reading a certain series of Venom (2011) back issues! Circle of Four!
  Sometimes you go to Hell, Sometimes Hell comes to you.
Now I’ve talked about Venom before, and I’ve talked even about the new Venom before but now I’m speaking specifically about a story-arc featuring an AMAZING cross-over of epic-cross-over-ness.
The story features X-23, Ghost Rider (Alexandra), Red Hulk and Venom. Unwittingly turning Las Vegas into a real Sin City as Hell is literally set loose on Earth, the four heroes must confront Blackheart and stop his demonic centrifuge from pulling Earth into Hell!
It’s a brilliant series of issues, including an amazing amount of character development for all the heroes, and X-23 fans like myself love to see Ms. Kinney playing well with others plus she’s got a lot of great moments in the book, but I’ll stop there since you really need to pick these issues up! I liked it so much that I’m actually making my own custom Circle of Four Heroclix team (look for that in a later fix) They’re from last year so they could be easy to find and are also contained in a Trade as well.
Nobody likes you when you’re X-23!


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