Weekly Fix #5: Ladies Night!

Female Fix! Comics + Heroclix

Frank here taking another dose of my weekly fix!

And this week I’ve finally blown the lid off the joint and I’m current with ALL of my DC Monthly Pulls!
OMG! I know right!? Reading 5 Comics a month is hard folks! Especially when you can’t read!



With the revelation that it took me 2 months to read 100-ish pages of mostly pictures (yikes!) let’s  talk about what I read!

First off LIGHT SPOILERS! Be warned! (it’s 2 weeks or more old but I said it anyway!)

Batwoman 16-18 finished off the “War of the Monsters” story arc with the intervention of Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkfire !



Gotham is saved from the precipice of destruction and very squicky tentacle-based-unpleasantness as the “Mother of All Monsters” is repelled at the last moment, it’s a great end to the Wonder Woman team up and a fitting book end to the first complete Batwoman story-arc (In her own book).  The story was…FANTASTIC! It had action, it had character developement, it had romance… and it had Wonder Woman! Speaking of romance…


Awee! Isn’t it sweet?

This reveal was great! And they pick right up with this in Batwoman #18 the latest Batwoman issue, I won’t spoil too much but Batwoman DOES actually do battle with Mr. Freeze in the issue it’s not just a teaser. And I gotta post the cover so I can see it again!


Cool Cover!

Now let’s take a minute to talk about Wonder  Woman! The last few issues of WW have been building up a battle between the Current Greek Pantheon (see NU52 wonder woman) against the “First Born” a literally Nameless God who’s the deranged and super-powered offspring of Zeus and Hera, he was literally buried at the Earth’s core to teach him humility, now that he’s DUG HIS WAY OUT! He thirsts only for revenge against the other Gods. Meanwhile Wondie is still searching for the latest godly-bastard the stolen son of Zola and Zeus. This baby has been rumored to be the one who destroys the universe somehow by the High-Father leader of the New Gods. Orion (Like a ginger Superman with anger issues), a New God is dispatched to destroy Zola’s son. Crossing paths with Wonder Woman’s entourage and other greek Gods. The series is still very good and even through some strange Art….creeps is still very amazing, just like Batwoman I would tell you to go get them now…so do it! I’ll wait!



This week’s Theme Tournament is:  LADIES NIGHT! 700 pts. only Female Characters!

This does not include non-gender Robots or Constructs or any kind of Vehicles. So my first plan was foiled so I started over and I like what I’ve got.

148pts  BM032 Big Barda
61pts   BM036 Batwoman
100pts  FFJL004 Wonder Woman
215pts  BN007 Wonder Woman
70pts  SOG035 Void
69pts  GX017 Domino
663 pts total
I think I’d toss X-Force on Domino and Put the Utility Belt on Batwoman with my extra points. Now let’s have a few words about
Violet Lantern Wonder Woman! Remember the Purple Lanterns they were the somewhat sexist ALL FEMALE Lantern Corps made up of those who “Feel Great Love” now….I just…don’t want to get into what parts of the Expanded Spectrum I “Feel Great Love” and which ones of which I “Have Great Rage.” If there’s one brief bone I can pick it’s they’re ridiculous ‘costumes’…it’s hard to not go off on a rampage here, but I’ll indulge a smidge. The biggest gripe I have against them is their ‘uniforms’ which look like the “Sexy Halloween” Version of a Green Lantern Costume colored purple. Which would be a bit less nonsensical and debasing if they couldn’t make their own clothes with their Power Rings like ALL THE OTHER CORPS DO! And, Wonder Woman is unfortunately no exception.
And this is the ‘cleaned-up’ version.
Now that all being said Violet Lantern Corps Wonder Woman is a fearsome heroclix, she has Probability Control, Indominable, and Impervious. She’s a beast for her points and easily able to tip over most ‘tentpoles’ by her lonesome. Backing her up is the 100pts Nu52 WW, her trait let’s her be carried and then charge as if she hadn’t been carried, and she’s going to be showing up to the throw down via Big Barda, and her Boom Tube!
The Biggest and the Strongest!
Batwoman hunts down enemy support figures and Void and Domino throw out support and emergency evac if Wondie or Barda needs a break to Rest or to get free of a sticky situation. I’m very excited saddly I wasn’t able to take the Regular U.S.S. Voyager or the Invisible Jet or I would have! Maybe  Next WEEK!
Well that’s you’r fix for this week! See you next time for more!


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