Weekly Fix #6: So good It Rhymes

Weekly Fix #6: So Good It Rhymes!

Another Fix you’ll have to check out! Read more won’t you?

Hello out there again Fix fans it’s time for another week of Comics and Clix with your weekly fix.



Oh enough rhyming already, This has been a pretty HUGE few weeks for Heroclix, there’s been a bunch of spoiled con-exclusive figures for this year, there’s been a delay of a whole heroclix set,  and last but certainly most importantly the new Core Rules and Powers and Abilities Guide was also released, all while only a month away from the Titans set (OMFG!).


My favorite evil clown is still Tim Curry.

First up there’s been a handful of spoiled Con-Exclusive Heroclix figures for this year’s  big conventions. So far we’ve seen a Gentleman Ghost and an Obnoxio The Clown. Gentlemen Ghost is a real DC Character who is the wrong kind of Con-Exclusive Figure. He’s a fairly well known (though not currently popular or used) character that has a reasonable fan following, whom has had 1 clix figure made of them (or even no figures). This both drives up the demand and price for these figures because everyone is scrambling to get their hands on the only version of the character. The worst offender being ConX-Venom, which is the only version of the current and popular Flash Thompson as Venom, even Mac Gargan has had 2 versions of himself as Venom and both are fairly new and easy to get figures.

It’s a strange and irritating strategy of Wizkids, (the producers of Heroclix) to put these figures which are the only versions of characters from popular story-arcs as con-only figures, like Moonstone as Ms. Marvel from Dark Reign , or the Horsemen of Apocalypse. With that said Obnoxio is the right kind of con figure, the kind I don’t give one dang about getting. Who is he?

Never heard of him! Great! Mark that one off my list. The other angle that I like for Con-Exclusives is to make a new version of a very popular figure with many other current or playable  figures, such as Punisher, Wonder Woman and Dr. Fate.


Who’s house? Ghost’s house!

As you may notice G. Ghost has one of the New Standard Heroclix Powers! Precision strike! (ooooooooh! aaaaaaaah!) It’s actually one the new Powers that’s kinda neat, when you deal damage with it that damage can’t be reduced below 1, or transferred! Watch out Darkseid!

Now if you’re at all in the ‘know’ about Heroclix you probably have already heard and at least glanced at the rules, but there’s a link just in case.

Powers and Abilities Card

Core Rules

The rules are nice, putting a hamper on the reign of Hypersonic, Multi-Attack figures. It also heavily neuters many support figures Probability C0ntrol, Outwit and Perplex limiting the range of said abilities only to their personal range. Looks like Wanda and Sargon will be looking for new Jobs! (Yeaaaaay!)



The new rules also limit a lot of Hypersonic reliant figures since you DO NOT automatically breakaway while making a Hypersonic Speed move, which many people are already in ‘crybaby’ mode over, but is this really the death of the Speedsters?


Death of  Hypersonic Speed?

Uuuuuhmmm…Nope, just like the Flash who lives on so shall the Speedsters of Heroclix! It’s just going to increase the value of Pure Speedsters like many of the Flashes who have a “Faster Than Hypersonic” ability (like most of them do now) or an improved movement ability like Both Kid Flash, and The Flash in the Upcomming Teen Titans set both have. This will allow them to ignore characters as well as other terrain hazards and not be hindered by it or breaking away.

However for your Supermanz it’s a different story, each time you base an opposing figure you’re going to have to roll to breakaway in order to continue moving. This sounds bad when you would have had to roll a 4+ previously, but under the new rules you get to run free on a 2+ on 1d6 when using Hypersonic. Good odds… but not something I’d want to bank on EVERYTIME. Which means the old ‘rush in, smash ‘em with a heavy object, run out’ strategy is gonna be more of a gamble. However this really doesn’t change the problem/strategy of rushing around shooting people then running away. Since you’re not basing them and will not have to breakaway.


“Good now it’s time to run away and hide!”

Cynicism of people’s cowardly tactics with Superman aside, I really like the cut of the new rules. I want to play them first (tonight in fact!) before I talk about how they effect and change the game at it’s Core, but it’s definitely going to be a much more intimate affair. With support figures squashed against main attackers so as not to get out-ranged on their powers, and this means their going to make tasty treats for fighting style characters. We’ll see though…

imagesLastly, the Ironman 3 Heroclix set is being delayed by Marvel,  Marvel claims the figures in the set have spoilers to the new Ironman 3 film which is coming out May 4th. It’s not a huge issue since it should only be a day or two for the delay (Possibly). It is however personally annoying for myself and the other players at my “No Man’s Land Heroclix: Venue.” We were going to use the new rules to do this month’s No Man’s Land Sealed with the new Ironman 3 stuff, but due to the delay we’ll have to play…



I wish Scarlet Witch would make them go away!

I’ve had quite enough Batman heroclix, and personally the figures I wanted from the 3 FULL Batman Sets of last Year I already have (or have destroyed). Not to mention the Nu 52 Justice League set, and the DC 10th Anniversary set both  featuring 2 Batmans each, Batman is the Wolverine of Heroclix…and I’m so tired of him. Especially the completely heinous Common Batman from…the Batman set (that’s confusing) which has 10 clix… And can take down Supermans solo in only a single “Outwit, Charge, Flurry for 6 Damage.” Which as you might imagine doesn’t sound a lot like Batman right? Not mention the almost BAFFLING Batman dial from the Fast Forces from the same set with Psychic Blast, Sharpshooter and 3 Targets…


…I really need to get off this topic before I am reduced to a quivering-ragegasm. And for that I’m going to need something great to calm me down, what have you got for me comics from 2000′s?


Oh sweet merciful…..thank you!

Do you like Batman? Then you’ll love All-Star Superman, because he’s not in it, just an amazing Superman story by comic writer superstar Mr. Clean, I mean Grant Morrison !

All-Star Superman is one of those comics that so good even people who don’t like Superman will find a new found respect and love for the character. It’s just that kind of comic. There’s a very optimistic attitude but with a very bittersweet feeling held throughout. If you’re like me (Illiterate) you can even grab the DC Animated film of the same name, which is a fitting and still completely awesome and competent retelling of this Else-worlds Gem by Morrison, READ IT! WATCH IT! LOVE IT!

As for me I have to go fight crime in another part of the city, see you next time.


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