Weekly Fix #9: Out of Time!

No Man's Land is Over!

Good day! Time to get your Fix!


It’s been a week off, and I had to take a break from this article series because of a few things, my fiance’s birthday was last week, she was also finishing her final exams for college this year, Doctor Who Season Finale and finally the last month of No Man’s Land for Heroclix was last Tuesday. It was quite a busy week for everyone to say the least! So let’s do some thinking.


batman (1)


The last month of No Man’s Land had the most glorious prizes, the Joker and Harley Quinn duo was number 1 on my fiance’s birthday list, and so we had to go home with it last week. I created a plan, a secret training regimen and included 2 extra ringers onto my ‘team.’ After spending a few weeks on the ‘Amusement Park Map’ me and the others were confident with the 4 of us, the brick of boosters to draw our draft from we would be taking the prizes by storm.


I was the only person to go undefeated and because I played a bit too relaxed in the first round I didn’t have enough points to break my tie breaker for 2nd, so I got third (for the 2nd time in a row for NML! lol). Luckily we rolled for the random prize and got to go home with the duo. The tournament was very fun and we all had a great time! I was even more excited when Starfire won me the last game of the night by taking down Headcase! Truth be told I was very glad no one pulled Super Boy Prime in sealed, and surprised no one at our LGS has seen Blackfire yet.



Doctor Who:


!WARNING! M-Fing Spoilers ahead!

Ok! As someone who is a fan of Doctor Who I have a few feelings with the last half of the latest season of New Who. First of all I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of Mr. Matt Smith as the Doctor. His personality doesn’t fit the scripts that they’re writing for him in this season. He’s gotten too many lighthearted bits that he’s not pulling off. Like in the Moon Theme Park episode he’s jumping around in front of kids and trying to do his best “funny child-man” bit and it’s just DYING! Matt Smith doesn’t have the same kind of charisma that he started his run on who with. At first he was played as a “stuck-up genius, who thought he was smarter and better than anyone” and Amy was his foil, she had a great chemistry bringing Smith down, and it worked. The newly added Companion Clara now basically just exists to kiss the Doctors ass and be a somewhat carbon-copy of the adventurous aspects of the Doctor. It’s made the show very tedious. Yes, her ‘backstory’ revealed in the finale was….tight…as tight as it could be after they just made up the whole bit about the Doctor’s Grave having his ‘body’ which is all his memories which people can just walk into and CHANGE his life!!  Yeah that sounds…safe.



Honestly I don’t hate Clara, I like her I just think her character is completely unnecessary from a narrative standpoint, when there’s just a malign sexual tension between the Doctor and Clara and not much else it’s really boring to see them run around an agree about stuff.

cult-doctor-who-s07-e02-the-rings-of-akhaten-3 Don’t get me wrong there was some great parts of episodes of this half of the season! The “Time Squad” the Victorian Era group of Extra-Terrestrial Aliens who fight threats in their time, was SWEET! Anytime they showed up it was a great episode. This season was not the best for sure, maybe even the worst of new Doctor Who, however the finale revealed that there might be a heavy focus on NOT MATT SMITH and the Sealing of the Time War in the next season! Awesome!


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