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Which Version of Venom Is The Best?

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Venom has been a major part of the Spider-Man mythos for over 25 years. No longer the new villain in his rogues gallery, he’s graduated to classic status with help of appearing in a number of cartoon series, a movie, quite a few video games, and countless action figures. This isn’t meant to be a biography of Venom but just a taste of his legacy in and out of comic books.

Venom is here to stay but he has evolved over the years. His first major change was from being a threat to an uneasy ally. Eddie Brock had one of the most intense hatreds of Spider-Man that has ever been documented in the comics with one key addition…he also hated Peter Parker. Knowledge of his identity played heavily into those first confrontations. Since the character became so popular, his edges were smoothed over and the “Lethal Protector” was born. Much like Punisher and other 90s era super heroes, Venom was an anti-hero of a generation. This lasted for a long time as the status quo.

Things changed dramatically for Venom in the Marvel Knights Spider-Man series where Eddie Brock decided to give up being Venom. The suit was purchased by a low level crime family and that story was short-lived. What wasn’t was the next to wear the Venom symbiote, Mac Gargan. Working directly for Norman Osborn, Mac was the original Scorpion and in no way shape or form a hero. Bringing the character back to his villainous roots, Mac participated in both Norman’s Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers team. His reign lasted almost a decade before the latest Venom appeared.

The current Venom is long time Spider-Man supporting character, Flash Thompson. Flash lost his legs while serving in the military but with the help of the symbiote, he was able to walk again and became a hero. This Venom had more control over the symbiote’s blood lust (but not complete control) and was able to even become a member of an Avengers team.

Which is your favorite version of Venom? Comment below.

  • Eddie Brock (Comics) – Villain
  • Eddie Brock (Comics) – Lethal Protector
  • Ann Weying (Comics)
  • Patricia Robertson (Comics)
  • Angelo Fortunato (Comics)
  • Mac Gargan (Comics)
  • Flash Thompson (Comics)
  • Eddie Brock (Comics) – Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Eddie Brock (TV) – Spider-Man The Animated Series
  • Eddie Brock (TV) – Spider-Man Unlimited
  • Eddie Brock (TV) – Spectacular Spider-Man
  • Eddie Brock (TV) – Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Eddie Brock (Movie) – Spider-Man 3

Or any of the MANY video game appearances?


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