Zombie Mugs & Bowls!

This Should Be Huge!

What I love the most about this Kickstarter is how through this idea was taken. The idea of a zombie shaped bowl you could eat the ice cream brains out of is so cool that I can’t believe Think Geek hasn’t already done this! He didn’t stop there though. You can get beer mugs, bowls of different sizes, and quick molds to make your ice cream look like brains. You instantly think of a mash-up of zombies and the monkey brains from Indiana Jones when you see these.

bowl mug kickstarter

The customization is something I never would have thought of that is one of the best ideas with this. For a specific amount, they can create a mug based on your likeness. In addition to that, you can get a mug you can paint yourself. This is so thought out that they even came up with background stories for the zombies in their designs.

Zombie Head Ice Cream Cup

If these were in any store, you know you’d collect them all. Get on board now and back this project! They have a great video and TONS of art. Back this and you’ll get some truly unique items!


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